Stay Up-to-Date With Our Order Notification System

We want to keep you informed about the status of your order with us so that you can communicate more clearly with your patients and customers. In addition to sending Work In Progress (WIP) reports, we are also using an email notification system that sends out brief messages to your email address to notify you of the situations listed below. Though we will continue to make direct contact when necessary, the email notification system will reduce the number of phone calls to your busy office.

The messages sent should provide the information you need in the given circumstance. However, If you have any questions when you receive one of the messages, you may reply to the message, call us at 800-445-2773, or email us at customerservice@usoptical.com.

If you wish to receive order notifications please contact customer service and provide them with the email address at which you want to receive notifications. 


If a product needed for the order is out of stock, we will send a message that includes the date that product is expected at the lab.


If we have an unexpected backlog in the lab we will let you know of the general delay.

Frame to Come

As appropriate, we will send reminders that we are waiting on frames needed to fill your order.

Information Needed

When we need more information to complete your order we will notify you and ask that you call the lab, at your convenience.