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When Cotran brothers, Ron, Robert and Ralph started a wholesale optical lab company called Optogenics in 1986, the Cotrans revolutionized the wholesale optical lab world by creating the overnight service for prescription lenses with Anti-reflective coatings.

Now, US Optical can deliver the newest technology in FREE FORM/Digitized progressive lenses such as the Ultimate HD, Advanced HD, Varilux DRX (in addition to many other progressives) with Anti Reflective coatings in only 24 hours.


Founded by the Cotran brothers, Robert, Ron, and Ralph, in 2008, US Optical was the second time the Cotran brothers revolutionized the wholesale optical lab world. Their first lab was Optogenics where they introduced overnight service for prescription lenses with non-glare coating. US Optical was designed as an evolution of the knowledge gained from this experience.

Built on the single idea of being the “fastest lab in America”, US Optical has the capacity necessary to ship out 90% of the orders received same day. The ability to service the entire country with uncut and complete orders from Syracuse, NY is what makes us the fastest. The widest variety of digital freeform progressives under one roof allows us to serve all segments of the market.

1-800-4-GLASSES (800-445-2773)

Call for 24 Hour Service on all of our in-house freeform lenses complete with AR Coatings


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