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The Cotrans founded Optogenics in 1986, sold it to Essilor in 1999 and worked there until April of 2007. We have since re-opened a new wholesale lab, US Optical, that specializes in Digitized and FreeForm® Lenses. (As well as all your lens and coatings needs.)

US Optical produces all types of prescriptions using state of the art Digitized grinding equipment. (All our lenses are ground to 100’s of a diopter instead of the 12’s or 10’s in most other labs.) We can grind normal lenses as well as Digitized, High Definition® or FreeForm® Lenses. We carry Seiko’s Backside progressive, Succeed, Shamir Autograph, Ultimate and Advanced HD as well as most other types of digitized lenses. We have installed 2 modern Antireflective In-House Coating Centers, One for Crizal AR Coatings and One for Our House Brands.


When Cotran brothers, Ron, Robert and Ralph started a wholesale optical lab company called Optogenics in 1986, the Cotrans revolutionized the wholesale optical lab world by creating the overnight service for prescription lenses with Anti-reflective coatings.

Now as owners of US Optical, they can deliver the newest technology in FREE FORM/Digitized progressive lenses such as the Ultimate HD, Advanced HD, Varilux DRX (in addition to many other progressives) with Anti Reflective coatings in only 24 hours.

1-800-4-GLASSES (800-445-2773)

Call for 24 Hour Service on all of our in-house freeform lenses complete with AR Coatings


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